Visual Identity creation for Kanten, a design label created in Paris in 2013, and has now moved to Berlin to enjoy the city's creativity and develop the concept further.

Kanten is a triptyque based on 3 universes, which are the Mind, the Body and the Heart.
Each universe is inspired by muscial genres in a non-restrictive way and described by materials, colors and sensations that bond them together.

The Body is the most dynamic, colourful and graphical universe, directly digging its inspiration from the street culture like Graffiti, Hip-hop, Funk, Breakdance and more.

The Heart is the warmest universe of the brand suggested by heartwarming music like rocksteady and soul music as well as soft and comfortable fabrics.

The Mind is directly inspired by the electronic scene and its alternative experiences that it provides. It's pictured by darker and colder materials.

A podcast for each universe is released for every silhouette, for free, in collaboration with artists and friends.